SLEEP BETTER and... Wake Up To Life!
  • Get a full, and rested night's sleep
  • Increase your daytime energy
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Reduce and even eliminate snoring
  • Help you lose weight
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Help control diabetes
  • And much, much more...
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We're so serious about helping you get a more restful night's sleep that we'll give you this free sleep kit just for taking the time to come in.

* The Knightsbridge Dual Band is a revolutionary new chin strap that is becoming widely acknowledged to be the most effective chin strap on the market ...

* The Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap has been selected as "Best CPAP Chin Strap" by

* It is a winner of the 2021 Medical Design Excellence Award.

You get:

  • An Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap
  • A info sheet

This $38.50 Anti Snoring Chin Strap is the most effective and comfortable on the market in 2022

Dual Bands and Vertical Lift for maximum comfort


* Vertical lift works with the natural rotation of the jaw.

* Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering.

* Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force.

* Compound elastic-nonelastic force allows pressure to be minimized. Therefore comfortable and effective.

* Finally stop or reduce snoring or CPAP mouth leaks.

* Get the restful, restorative sleep you need!

Help you get a full, and rested night's sleep (... like a baby)
Dramatically increase your daytime energy levels (you might even play sports, or go to the gym again)
Increase Your Sex Drive (who doesn't want that?)
Reduce--and even eliminate--snoring
Reduce--and even eliminate--midnight trips to the bathroom
Help you lose weight
Lower your blood pressure
Help you control diabetes
Get you off the couch, and back into the bedroom
Dump your dependence on caffeine and energy drinks
Eliminate short-term memory loss
and much, much more...

"Everyone here was knowledgeable and went out of their way to make my husband and I comfortable. Everything was explained thoroughly and we were always encouraged to ask questions. This was a pleasant experience- much better than my friends have had at other facilities"
- Jean

"Comfortable, as if I was in my own bedroom"
- Ron

"Everyone is so friendly and understanding. The state of art equipment is great and the facility is very comfortable."
- Laurie

"The staff at the Rio Rancho Sleep Center are first class all the way. Very kind caring and professional."
- Sam

"I heard all kinds of horror stories about the experience but after going through the experience here I'm so thankful that I came. The professionalism shown by all the staff put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. It feels great to be valued and cared for"
- Vicentita

"I felt I was having an evening out in a motel. Very relaxing."
- Patricia

"I love the follow up and the continued support that I receive from the RR Sleep Center staff."
- Gail

"The overall courtesy of being treated like a person not a victim about to be tortured."
- James

"The facility was very nice. It is obvious much care and fore thought was given to helping the patient feel welcome and comfortable. The staff likewise is very excellent and friendly too. Fran, Amanda, Kari, and the doctor are fabulous."
- Andrea

"Very nice and informative people. I did not have this much help with my last sleep study."
- Anthony

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Suite 109
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